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Established in 2008, the Detroit Flyhouse has consistently sold out all classes. Come see why!

All Flyhouse teachers, also accomplished circus artists, have completed rigorous teacher training programs specifically geared to teaching circus arts with safety, technique and creativity in mind. Couple our teachers' training with their diverse backgrounds in a wide variety of disciplines and you will leave the Detroit Flyhouse with a wealth of knowledge pertinant to many circus applications.

Instruction at The Detroit Flyhouse is customized to meet each student's needs: while some come for the rigorous exercise, others seek to build skills to help them advance their careers in the circus arts. No one escapes without having fun.

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Ready to learn something new in an incredibly supportive and playful environment? Then Flyhouse classes are for you. Classes, workshops and private lessons available.

Aerial Conditioning is great for students at any level, kids and adults alike. We focus on fundamentals, building core skills and over time learning some fancy tricks, Flyhouse classes will whip you into shape, whether your goal is to become a top-notch aerialist, or just to make people nervous when you flex. For an hour and a half, teachers will lead you through strengthening and flexibility exercises on the floor and in the air (for aerial classes). You'll be smiling as you limp home.

Currently all aerial classes are mixed apparatus classes. These classes afford you the opportunity to build aerial skills on a variety of aerial toys. Expect to experience aerial fabric, trapeze and lyra just to name a few. no-one escapes without having fun! Classes at the The Detroit Flyhouse will challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally, and as you see your confidence, muscle tone and flexibility grow, you'll realize you're getting a workout like you couldn't get anywhere else! Its truly hanging out the healthy way!

The Detroit Flyhouse caters to everyone from beginners to more advanced students. Several times a year we host student teacher showcases. We can even take the show on the road. If you are an educator or facilitator looking to bring the aerial or acro arts to your school or organization let's talk. We offer a wide array of programs to suit your needs.


Hey everybody! Want to get stronger? This all levels aerial conditioning class will help you improve every aspect of your physical fitness or your aerial practice. Not an aerial student? It doesn't matter! This class is for anyone looking to improve their health in a fun and lighthearted atmosphere. Students will be led through exercises and moves on the ground and in the air that will increase their strength, stamina, and flexibility. What a wonderful way to develop a more awesome aerial arsenal or just get fitter and more bendy! Hope to see you there!


Aerial classes for our up-and-coming circus stars are designed to teach kids 7-12 poise, balance, enthusiasm, and creativity. We support and encourage individual expression and help the kids to design routines that will showcase their own personalities and strengths.

Intermediate Silks

All straight Fabric, all the time. Have experience on fabric? Want to perfect fundamentals, technique, and work intermediate sequencing?

We got you!

Fabric experience required.

Fabric Choreography

A level 2 fabrics class for students with experience. For the first half of the series, we will focus on different elements that go into creating a routine by expanding on foundational skills. The last four weeks will consist of various movement-based activities to give you a starting point for developing your own unique choreography.


Interested in Lyra? Not quite sure what it is? The Lyra is an aerial apparatus, a metal circular hoop that hangs from the ceiling. It is used to perform acrobatic dancing and poses. The shape and the fact that the Lyra is not flexible pushes you to increase your own strength and flexibility in many ways. It also showcases your movements and allows you add an element of grace while improving your personal aerial style.

All sessions will start with a warm up and move to conditioning, skill building and end with a smile and sense of accomplishment!

Lyra Choreography

A Level 2 lyra Class for students with experience. For the first half of the series, each class will be run with a theme in mind (a particular skill set, movement pattern, etc.). The second half of the series will run like mini workshops with activities designed to inspire your creativity. Throughout the series the student will also be working on developing a routine that will be performed on the last day of the class. 


An excellent choice for beginner students or those who want to try a little of everything, the aerial sampler is a chance to play on a variety of our favorite toys. Learn some new tricks, refine technique, and create a routine that is all yours!


Partner yoga is an exhilarating practice that combines elements of yoga and acrobatics to create something unique and beautiful. Practicing these poses demands and builds trust, communication, and a sense of adventure. This series is open to anyone looking to connect, grow, and have a lot of fun.

Acro 1

All levels! Beginner and advanced students will refine the most important poses in our practice. You'll get a fantastic conditioning and flexibility workout, learn how to practice safe techniques, and increase your stability.

Acro 2

Moving up! Experienced students are invited to work harder and higher. This class is full of fun transitions, standing poses, washing machines, and more.

Pre-requisites: base and/or fly AND be able to spot 30 second front plank, back plank, shoulderstand, star, handstand at wall.

All Acro 2 students should plan to attend Acro 1 at no additional charge.

No partner needed.


Hoop Dance is a cardio based workout that uses many different muscles of the body. It challenges both the mind and body while you learn moves that require skill, balance, and technique. Hooping is fun and challenging and will leave you wanting more.

Please wear comfortable clothing and of course bring your hoop. There will be a limited number of hoops available for those who don't have one.


Our Advanced Stretching / Beginning Contortion class is a great way to take your practice to greater heights. Whether you are training in aerial, dance, hula hoop, or just want to touch your toes without grunting, this class is for you! Flexibility is a very important part of any movement and increasing it makes movement easier and safer. In this class you will learn exercises to stretch muscles, increase your range of motion, and conditioning to build strength. The instructor will focus on each student's individual level and give guidance based on the student's personal goals. No matter what level you would like to attain, basic or advanced, we can help you get there!


Open playtime is for students who have experience and want extra practice time. Open gym does NOT include instruction, but will be supervised by an instructor. Students should only practice skills they can do safely on their own. The perfect time to condition, stretch or work on perfecting moves you have learned in class. Need extra practice time for a routine your working on-open fly!


Open fly PRO is for students who have a bit more experience and want extra practice time to work on our unique apparatus we don't often use in class as well as the more familiar ones. It's a great time to collaborate with other students or to simply condition and perfect moves on their own. Open fly PRO does not include much instruction, but will be supervised by an instructor. Students should only practice skills they can do safely on their own. Students often use this time to work on multi person acts for upcoming student teacher showcases.