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Partner Acrobatics

This class cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. In spite of the name, this is a team effort and no partner in necessary! We play in teams of base, flyer, spotter, and you are welcome to participate at your own comfort level. Modifications and progressions keep everyone moving! No experience required.

Acro 1

All levels. Beginner and advanced students will refine the most important poses in our practice. You'll get a fantastic conditioning and flexibility workout, learn how to practice safe techniques, and increase your stability

Acro 2 (6pm-8:30pm)

Moving up! Experienced students are invited to work harder and higher. This class is full of fun transitions, standing poses, washing machines and more.

Pre-requisites: Base OR fly:

  • 30 sec front bird
  • 30 sec back bird
  • 30 sec star
  • 30 sec handstand at wall